Things To Do After Installing Termux (Advance)

After you install termux, you should do this optional action to support the termux work, such as installing the package and module most used, cloning the tools installer, etc. The following are 7 things to do after installing termux. Changing termux repositories (If using the termux from playstore) Updating and upgrading termux repositories Installing packages […]

How To Root Termux Without Rooting Android

We can operate termux without root access, but the specific termux scripts, such as wifite, instabrute, and hydra, require root access. So, to run those scripts on termux, we have to root termux first. We can root termux, although android hasn’t root access yet. Then if termux is rooted, it will not affect your android. […]

How To Use Termux For Beginner

how to use termux

Some users still don’t know what to do after having termux app. Here’s how to use termux for the first time after installing it.